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Sound Character Decisions

How assuring will it be if a child, thousands of miles away from home, can read a book written in the parents' handwriting? 'Sound Character Decisions...a parent-child interaction tool' gives parents the express privilege and joy to hand-write on Sound Character. It has 30 pages where parents can write.
Handwritings are the drawings of the mind and can characterize one's personality. So, when parents write for their children, it is as though they have infused their personalities into the written words such that when a child reads it, it will be as though the parent is standing right there speaking with the child.
Parents are busy but if they can make out time to write these 30 pages for their children, the children will cherish the book all their lives.
This book has been described as 'the mother she left behind' since it allows parents to document their expectations of their children's attitude whether at home or abroad.
Get into the pleasure, the purpose and the pursuit of leaving a legacy for your child; the legacy of Sound Character.
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SOUND CHARACTER: Maxim for a successful future

The beauty of parenting is to raise children who excel all round, especially in their attitudes and dispositions to life. This book, therefore, contains Sound Character nuggets and cartoon illustrations that engage the mind on the need to imbibe strengths of character that make for excellence in life.
It is for Teenagers, though parents can use it with their younger children. 'Sound Character: Maxim for a Successful Future' has been approved by the Lagos State Ministry of Education for use in Secondary Schools under Guidance Counseling. The Sound Character thoughts in the book are pithy, powerful and practicable.
Thousands of Teenagers and Parents have adopted it as a daily tonic to tune up their minds to create the best versions of themselves through Sound Character.
This is certainly not a book to read and forget about. In fact, you don't want to rush it, and you don't want to finish it! It may seem like a small book, it may seem like it's for teenagers and children but it is for YOU and everyone in the nations of the world as it will impact generations and trans-generations.
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Sound Character Calendar

The Sound Character wall calendars were created to make the message stay top of mind for the children as it can be placed in their classrooms or bedrooms.
As they move around, their eyes go the calendar which serves as a reminder of the sound character message. There are 31 calendar pages for each day of the month.
When placed in a classroom for the first time, the teacher will nominate one of the students to be the 'Sound Character Ambassador' for that week. The Ambassador will be responsible for turning the calendar pages to the day of the month and by Friday, he/she will nominate the Ambassador for the following week mentioning two or three instances in which the person displayed sound character during that week.
What will this do to the children? They will want to aspire to be the next Ambassador and therefore be behaving well but subconsciously over the period, this becomes a part of them and they can emerge into the kinds of leaders that will work for the common good. This reinforces in them leadership and responsibility.
Call +2348032015433 to order your copy of the Sound Character Calendar. You can buy for all the classrooms in your children school. Thank you.
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