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According to Tony Robbins, “It is in your moment of decision that destiny is shaped”. If that is true, and it is, then the destiny of Nigeria that seems jinxed on corruption can be corrected. So where lies the solution?
The solution lies in Sound Character and in the decisions we take every time. Consider the following for a moment:
What if all students decide not to cheat in examinations, where is the place of examination malpractice?
What if all government officials decide not to take a kobo more than their due pay?
What if all married men decide not to see another woman?
What if the kidnappers decide to seek a honourable means of living?
We can go on with all the ‘what ifs…?’ Well, welcome to soundcharacter.ng!
@ soundcharacter.ng, we’ve chosen to focus on the subject of sound character because decisions based on Sound Character guarantee a very successful life, anywhere in the world but especially in our Dear Nation Nigeria.
According to David Adegboyega, “There is a legal tender stronger than money, it is called Sound Character.” One of our primary focus @ soundcharacter.ng is to make Nigerians seek sound character and not money. We constantly create and curate a potpourri of ideas to re-focus the mindset of Nigerians on Sound Character so decisions are based on it and we can, indeed, have a New Nigeria.
Once again, welcome!
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